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Free Printable Pokemon Valentine Fortune Teller 


If you are here in the Northeast then your kids may be home for a snow day for Valentine's Day.  This gives you some extra time to help them make their Valentines.  Need a quick, free and easy idea?  

Print this free Pokemon Valentine fortune teller.  My friend Eileen who created all of the free Skylander printables that I offer on the blog also created this.  I appreciate her sharing it with all of you!

 Need directions to fold the paper?  Click here.

Need directions to play with the fortune teller?  Ask your kids! :)

Valentine's Day Fun for Kids

If you decide to use one of these ideas, please leave the blogger a comment to let them know you enjoy their work.  Try to follow their blog or Facebook pages.  All bloggers love to feel the love! Enjoy!

Free Valentine's Day Printable with John 3:16

Easy to Make ValentineTreat Holder from It's Written on the Wall

This is my favorite Valentine's Day story to read with children.  I read it to my 4th graders every year!

Love this idea in place of a traditional Valentine from Skip to my Lou

Perfect for lunch boxes from MoneySavvyMichelle

Make these Super Cute Valentines from Night Owl blog

Remind your kids of your love for them this Valentine's Day by hanging this free printable from Setting for Four

Coordinate Grid Graphing with Conversation Hearts

Huge list of free Valentine's Printable Art

Make some fun and easy decorations with the kids for Valentine's Day this year!

List of Delightful Children's books for Valentine's Day

Cute "I Love You" craft for preschoolers

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Another Pinterest Attempt- Not So Pintastic

Example from Pinterest

They make it look easy on Pinterest.  I saw this idea on Pinterest awhile back and pinned it for another day.  Well this was one of the many pins that I forgot about until I saw that one of my friends had attempted it.  She posted her picture on Facebook and her daughter's picture turned out great.  So I decided to give it a shot with my 11 month old daughter Ella.  I stripped her down and threw on a cute pink diaper.  I pulled out my lipstick and went to town!

My Attempt 

Not so Pintastic!  Don't get me wrong- Ella is adorable but my attempt was a little lame. She looks like she has the measles!

 First off, I am not a lipstick person so this pink was the darkest lipstick that I owned.  I think a red would have been better.  Secondly, Ella was too squirmy.  She kept rubbing the lipstick off all over the couch.  Lastly, she would not look at the camera.  The flash kept making her blink.  I took over a dozen shots and this one was the closest I could get to the model on Pinterest.

I will not be discouraged!  I will make more Pinterest attempts and share them with you.  

Here are some links to my past Pinterest attempts:

Love is...

I won't waste your time by telling you my sappy love story.  But I will tell you that the following pictures, quotes and verses are what love means to me. Happy Valentines Day to my husband Aaron!

Lunchbox Love

Those of you that are my "in real life" friends know that I am not an overly affectionate person.  I am not a big hugger.  It is just not the way I show affection.  It doesn't mean that I don't love or appreciate people.

A lot of who we are as adults stems from what we experienced in childhood.  I have wonderful parents and I had a great childhood.  My parents are not overly affectionate either.  I never once doubted that they loved me growing up, but they are not big huggers either.

That being said, I am trying to be more affectionate with my kids and find a happy medium between the hugger and nonhuggers out there.  One way that I show my affection for my oldest daughter, Sydney, is to leave her notes in her lunchbox.  She really gets a kick out of it.  We haven't reached the stage yet where it embarrasses her.  (I know, that I only have a few more years until she is repulsed by me for about 8-10 years, but she will be back around 22-23 years old.)

I am going to share the link for some of my favorite lunchbox notes.  This is a free printable.  

You can print these valentine lunchbox notes here

They are perfect to use for the month of February or make your child feel special and use them anytime!

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