Back to School!

In our house, it is not just "Back to School" for the kids!  After being a stay at home mom for the last three school years, I have gone back to work.  I am teaching middle school science at the Christian K-12 school where I graduated from back in.... you get the point!

Here are some pictures of my new classroom:

This is the top of my desk. 

View when you walk in from the hallway

Word wall for middle school science- you can print it for free here

Door decor

Science tools decor hanging through the lab.  You can purchase these as part of a packet here

Since I have about 100 students, I need a system for when students are absent. You can print this sign for free here

Lab Team Roles bulletin board- You can print these for free here

Scientific Method bulletin board- you can purchase these as part of a bundle here

Interactive Science Notebooking bulletin board

Science cursive alphabet- I know that it is a little elementary but I couldn't resist since there are exactly 26 cabinet doors.  You can print it for free here

Each lab table had a basket of supplies- you can print the labels for free here

If you haven't noticed- I love to be organized.  You can print the labels for free here

I  love these "grade, copy, file" labels for the sterlite drawers on my desk.   You can print these for free here

What is the start of a new year without a new teacher bag?  I love this one that I got from "Thirty one gifts."  My BFF sells them if you would like to have one for yourself.  You can check them out here. You don't need to be a teacher!

As you can see, I love the Teachers Pay Teachers website.  I love that teachers share their ideas there.  Many of the downloads are free or very inexpensive.  It is nice to know when you do purchase one that the money is going to another teacher.

A childhood friend of mine just opened her own store on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Stop by and check it out!  


  1. Your room looks great! I am so impressed. Over here we are working on writing with my preschooler. He is the kind of kiddo who doesn't want to do something until he thinks he can do it perfectly. It is so hard to get him started on something we know is going to take a lot of practice!

  2. We like fun printables that teach. I have a hard time finding them for Grammar.

  3. Your classroom looks wonderful! You are so organized! Have a great year. Those students are in for treat :)

  4. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great school year!!!! Your room looks amazing!

  5. Can you please share the info you want in the intwractive notebooks - loved & pinned the BB - couldn't read the writing on the pages to steal that idea from you too!

    1. I posted my favorite ideas about notebooking in this post...

      It is where I got all my ideas for the bulletin board. Glad you liked it!

  6. Your room looks fabulous! I stole your interactive notebook bulletin board idea. While mine is nowhere near yours I'm excited about trying interactive notebooks this year! Maybe one day I'll be half as organized as you are!

  7. Love your bulletin board about interactive notebooks. I like that it is a visual reminder about what goes where in the notebook. I teach 7th grade and know all too well how much visual and reminders they need. Where did you get the orange and blue paper?


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