Elephant Themed Baby Shower

 My brother Dan and his wife, Jen are having a baby boy!  My family and Jen's family threw a shower for them on Saturday together.  Since the baby will be a boy, the shower had a grey and navy blue elephant theme.   This is the color scheme that my new nephew's new nursery will be.

The invitation was purchased on Etsy and printed on photo paper.

This is my beautiful sister in law and her baby bump.

We had a table for the cake.  The cake was designed with the same graphic that was on the invitation.    We decorated the table with the stuffed elephant (Hobby Lobby), one of the centerpieces and a framed elephant print (Dollar Tree.)

This little insert was included with the invitation.  The baby received a huge assortment of books!

We also held a diaper raffle.  We asked every guest to bring a package of diapers.  If they did they received an entry in the raffle.  We drew a ticket and the winner received a prize.  Since I am a Thirty-One consultant all of the prizes were awesome Thirty-One products!

They got a ton of diapers!  They won't last as long as they think they will.  Those two have no ideas how many diaper changes they are in for!  :)

We also had a "Guess the Number of Peanuts" contest.  I decorated the baby bottle with the same paper elephant that is seen throughout the shower decor.  You can also see the mini hear t and elephant cut outs that I purchased on Etsy that I spread throughout the tables.

I made these centerpieces for the shower.   I bought the tin buckets from AC Moore and the peanuts on sale in giant bags at ShopRite.    I purchased grey paper elephants on Etsy and embellished them with the navy blue ears and eyes.  I purchased Navy blue chvron paper, grey and navy solid paper at Hobby Lobby.  I bought inexpensive  grey and blue ribbon at AC Moore and glued white buttons on top.   I mounted the whole thing on a wooden dowel and stuck it into the bucket of peanuts. I surrounded the centerpiece with mini paper elephants and hearts that I purchased on Etsy.   It took awhile to make ten of these but I love how they turned out.

Of course every shower needs a favor for the guests to leave with.  These cookies were adorable and delicious.   Jen's family purchased these and they matched everything perfectly!

I can't wait to meet my new little nephew and take pictures of him in his new elephant nursery!  I also can't wait to find out what his name is going to be!

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Celebrate Pi Day in Your Classroom

As a a self-proclaimed math geek, I love Pi Day!  This year will be the greatest Pi Day of all!  It will be 3-14-15.  Do you need resources for your classroom?

Pi Day Activities for Kindergarten through 4th Grade $4.25 from TPT

Pi Day Activities for 5th through 10th grade-  $5.75 on TPT

FREE printable Pi Day decorations for your classroom


Make FREE Pi Day Bracelets

These are great for the Lower Elementary classrooms

A Collection of Pi Day Activities- $6.00 on TPT

Take the Pi Day Chain Challenge

Incorporate Pi Day into your Language Arts classes

Print out these FREE stickers on Avery labels for your class on Pi Day

Pi Day Flap Book for the Upper grades- $3.75 on TPT

Still Need More Ideas?

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Back to School! Tomorrow? Already?

Yes, I tell my 5th graders not to wait until the last minute.  I tell them to work a little bit on their projects each night and not to leave it all until the night before it is due.  Yet, here I am the night before we go back to school after having almost two weeks off and I still need to write my lesson plans and my class newsletter.  I still need to grade the book reports handed in before Christmas break and enter the grades from the spelling and math tests. 

So, am I ready to go back tomorrow?


Book Review: My Princesses Learn to Be Brave

Title: My Princesses Learn to be Brave
Author: Stephanie Rische
Illustrator: Heather Hayworth 
Genre: Children's/ Christian Values
I was thrilled when I opened the mail and saw my latest book to review!  It was two brightly colored children's books from the My Princess series.   Each book in this series by Stephanie Rische starts with this message in rhyme the inside cover:
What makes a princess? I’d sure like to know. Could I be a princess? I wish it were so!

It’s there in the Bible, so I know that it’s true. We are God’s children — You and me, too!

Since God is our Father, the King up above, We are all princesses, The ones that he loves!
The series is about two girls: Grace and Hope who pretend to be princesses.  In each story they run into a problem.  In Learn to be Brave the girls run into a bully.  The girls remember the story of Esther from their Bible lessons and use that knowledge to help them solve their problem.   
I would recommend this book to any mother of young daughters.  The pictures of the characters in these books are inviting to young girls.  Moms will love the values that are reinforced  by the Hope and Grace.  It is a great example to your children of how they can use their knowledge of Bible stories to help them in their daily lives. 
 I also received a copy of My Princesses Learn to Share by Amie Carlson.   I also give that book the same fantastic review.  The book has the same characters, Hope and Grace.  The girls find themselves in another bind but again use their Bible knowledge to solve their problem!

I highly recommend both books for your little girls!

My Big Classroom Reveal!

The first week back to school was a success!  As always, the first week was long and tiring but it was very exciting.  I love my new class!

My van all loaded up and ready to head to school to set up

I moved from middle school to fifth grade this year so that meant moving to a new classroom.  If you are a teacher, you know how much effort goes into setting up a new room for a new grade level.  Here are some pictures of my room when I arrived two weeks ago

Here is what it looks like after I added my touch to it... 

The hallway outside my classroom

 I teach at a Christian school where all of the Elementary classrooms have the same theme.  This year's theme is F.R.O.G.  (Fully Rely On God) so there are plenty of frogs around the room.

I wrote each of the student's names on the frogs

View from the hallway (Rug $19.99 from Ikea)

I have 18 students in my class so I felt placing the desks into 4 groups made the best use of the small space (Curtains from Ikea $14.99 a pair)

Table signs hanging over each group of desks- signs can be found at Teachers Pay Teachers

Continuing the Frog theme with my Birthday chart

This Fun Frog printable was FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers

I purchased these Frog themed Classroom Rules posters from Teachers Pay Teachers

One of my middle school students last year drew this scientist for me.

The empty bulletin board will be filled with speech bubbles and pictures of the kids.  The kids will write their goals of the speech bubbles.

My cursive alphabet has a science theme.  This is an easy way to incorporate more science into your elementary classroom.  I purchased them on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I love working at a Christian school!  I can openly share my faith! You can print the poster on the right for FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers and the poster on the left for FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I love having a podium.  The bar stool is from IKEA.

FREE printable from Teachers Pay Teachers hanging on the front of my podium.

One of my pet peeves is when people don't use these correctly.  So I have these posters hanging on the walls.  I printed them for FREE from Teachers Pay Teachers.

I purchased these Sterlite file boxes from Walmart and decorated them with an editable file from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Every time the students check the time they see this sign.

I will be super busy the next few weeks with my class and with my additional coaching duties but I plan to post about some more of the fun ideas that you can see in my classroom!

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