Nature Club for Kids with free Printables

My 8 year old daughter Sydney loves technology.  If I let her, she would sit on the couch and play her DS all summer long.  It is my goal to get her off the couch and to expand her mind this summer.

 I decided that starting a nature club would get her outside away from the electronics.  I searched my old standby "Pinterest" to get some free printables for our nature walk.   You can see all of my nature club finds on my Pinterest page.

We invited Sydney's best friend, Gavin, and his big sister, Eva,  to join us.  Nature hunts are not just for Earth Day. I grabbed some clipboards and pens and printed out one of these ABC Nature Walk free printables.

They searched throughout our neighborhood to find something in nature for each letter of the alphabet.  They did a great job of almost finding each letter.

I was even able to get my almost 3 year old involved in the fun.  We did a second (simpler) nature scavenger hunt.  This hunt did not require any writing.  Since Lucas can't read yet, he had some help from his "assistant"  Eva,

I printed these free printables and taped them onto brown paper lunch bags.  We headed down to the park to fill our bags.

Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt from Five Little Chefs

All three kids filled their bags.  We spent about an hour completing both searches. 

Since Lucas is only a toddler, he lost interest faster than the bigger kids.  He spent some time hanging out on the swings.   

Some of you may be asking, where was Ella (my 16 month old) during the nature walk?  She sat happily in her wagon and cheered on the nature hunters.  She also enjoyed a ride on the swings with my friend Eileen (Gavin and Eva's mom.)

I consider the day a success since that was one full hour with no electronics!  For our next meeting of the nature club, the kids decided they wanted to "take care of our earth."  That is their words!  They want to walk around our neighborhood and clean it up.   Check back to see if we end up doing that!



  1. Very inspiring! Will definitely be sharing this with my mommy friends. Coming from Inspire Me Monday party! Have a great day!

  2. This is great! My kids love to walk in nature & I'd love some ways to make it interesting for them! Found in at the Mommy Monday Blog Hop! :)

  3. Awesome! Thank you for the motivation to leave the house (even though it's been raining for many days).

  4. Awesome! This inspired me to leave the house (even though it's been raining for days) and explore nature with the kids.

  5. Oh what an awesome idea. How fun! Thanks for linking up to "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party! :)

  6. This is a very good idea. I love the idea of a nature walk scavenger hunt. Very nice! I'm pining this idea and also sharing!

    I think others are looking for fun thingsl ike this to do.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us a at th Mommy Monday Blog hop. I will certainly follow you on all of your social media!

    Have a grat weekend!

  7. Found you on North East Bloggers weekend blog hop. These are some great ideas I will have to keep in mind when my son gets a little older. Hubby is big on doing, "treasure hunts" and what better way to do that is find your treasure in nature?

  8. What an awesome idea!! I can't wait for Carter to be a little older so we can do stuff like this!

  9. I love this idea! Thanks for linking up to the Friday Follow Along.

  10. Great idea. :-) Featuring this at Family Fun Friday!

  11. The gang at My Personal Accent thinks your post about the Nature Club for Kids and a Free Printable is WONDERFUL. We would like to invite you to party with us at our new Blog Strut Peacock Style Link Party to share your creative ideas. Come on over!!

  12. Fabulous idea for a themed week! I have one that would forgo food and sleep to play electronics too. I have to set pretty strict rules so they engage in other activities. I'm so glad you linked up to the party, you have fun ideas!


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