Book Review: My Princesses Learn to Be Brave

Title: My Princesses Learn to be Brave
Author: Stephanie Rische
Illustrator: Heather Hayworth 
Genre: Children's/ Christian Values
I was thrilled when I opened the mail and saw my latest book to review!  It was two brightly colored children's books from the My Princess series.   Each book in this series by Stephanie Rische starts with this message in rhyme the inside cover:
What makes a princess? I’d sure like to know. Could I be a princess? I wish it were so!

It’s there in the Bible, so I know that it’s true. We are God’s children — You and me, too!

Since God is our Father, the King up above, We are all princesses, The ones that he loves!
The series is about two girls: Grace and Hope who pretend to be princesses.  In each story they run into a problem.  In Learn to be Brave the girls run into a bully.  The girls remember the story of Esther from their Bible lessons and use that knowledge to help them solve their problem.   
I would recommend this book to any mother of young daughters.  The pictures of the characters in these books are inviting to young girls.  Moms will love the values that are reinforced  by the Hope and Grace.  It is a great example to your children of how they can use their knowledge of Bible stories to help them in their daily lives. 
 I also received a copy of My Princesses Learn to Share by Amie Carlson.   I also give that book the same fantastic review.  The book has the same characters, Hope and Grace.  The girls find themselves in another bind but again use their Bible knowledge to solve their problem!

I highly recommend both books for your little girls!

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