Book Review: NIV, God's Justice Bible- Hardcover Edition

Title: NIV, God's Justice Bible, Hardcover
Subtitle: The Flourishing of Creation & the Destruction of Evil 
Contributor: Tim Stafford
Genre: Bibles

The NIV God's Justice Bible contains the full text of the Holy Bible in the New International English Language Version.  This edition of the Bible is hardcover with a paper book jacket. 

You may be thinking that you already own enough Bibles in your house.  You may be asking, 

"How is this Bible different than other Bibles that you may already own?" 

*This edition connects the theme of God's justice throughout the entire Bible.

*Each book of the Bible contains an introduction that is written by one of 56 Biblical scholars, writers and activists from around the world that are passionate about justice.

*There are Questions for Reflection at the end of every Book of the Bible. 

*There is a relevant prayer at the end of every book of the Bible.

*There are study notes in this Bible about the problems of injustice in our world: governmental oppression, human trafficking, slavery, financial inequality and others.

I recommend this Bible for anyone that cares deeply about the injustices in the world.  The study notes and the commentaries in this Bible will address God's plan to restore His creation.  You will be able to not only learn about the scriptures but be able to look at them from a new perspective.  

This Bible is beautifully designed with images of colorful trees on the cover that also carry throughout all of the pages in the Bible. I do think that if you plan to use the Bible frequently that the paper book jacket will probably not be able to hold up long term.   That would be alright since the hardcover Bible itself also has the same design on the front. 

You can purchase The God's Justice Bible at 

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Disclaimer:  I received this book for free from the Book Look Blogger Program in exchange for an honest review.


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