Laughter at my Children's Expense?

Christmas 2006- Sydney at 18 months

Christmas 2012- Ella at 9 months, Sydney at 7 years

Do I laugh at my children?  Yes!  I know I am making some of you cringe again.  You are thinking that I may scar my children for life.  It is possible... but I think that laughing at them actually helps them (more cringing).  It teaches them how to laugh at themselves.   This is a skill that will come in handy during their teen years and on into adulthood.   By having the ability to laugh at yourself, you can hold up a lot better when the bullies in life pick on you.   You all know there are bullies in adulthood too!  They may be more subtle at it but are still bullies.

The picture of Sydney with Santa is one of her favorites.  Every year she cracks up when we pull it out at Christmas time.  This year she laughed hysterically when she realized that Ella did the same thing on Santa's lap.   One day Ella will laugh at that picture too.

So many people look for the "perfect" Santa picture.  They only print and purchase the photographs where the children are perfectly posed and smiling at the camera.  I think that more people need to "post" and blog about the pictures of their "real life."   Hold onto those pictures that aren't so "perfect" and teach  your kids to laugh!

Speaking of "real life"... where is Lucas in this picture?  He is on the floor throwing a fit and refusing to sit on Santa's lap.   I should have snapped a picture of that!


  1. Reading your blog brought a smile to my face, amy. chris would never purchase the photos of maddy crying on santas lap. we used to get into some tough conversations about this. i wanted to purchase the photo, no matter what face she was making. he disagreed. oh well. either way, you are 100 percent right. pastor joe says it all the time, if you can laugh at my expense, thats cool!!
    keep it up amy. your kids are hilarious!!!!!!!

  2. Hahaha, this is so great! I love it!


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