The Problem With New Year's Resolutions

I have a problem with New Year's resolutions.  You would think that the problem is keeping them or making attainable goals.  Nope- with me the problem is that I can only make them for myself.  Wouldn't life be better if you could pick resolutions for other people?

I decided to write some resolutions for others...

For my husband, Aaron-  I resolve to always take my dirty, filthy boots off before I enter the house.  I also resolve not to use every pot we own when I am making dinner.  Since I don't want my wife to drown, I resolve to always put down the toilet seat.

For my daughter, Sydney- I resolve to do all of my homework this year without complaining.  I also resolve to listen to my parents the first time they ask me to do something.   Since my mom is awesome, I will tell her that she is the best mom everyday.

For my son, Lucas- I resolve to no longer use diapers and to only use the potty.  I also resolve to chew my food and swallow it. I will no longer hoard my dinner for hours in my cheeks.  Since I wouldn't want my mom to work any harder than she already does, I will not spit my milk in to my toys this year. 

For my daughter Ella- I resolve to sleep at least 10 hours every night during 2013.  

For my neighbor- I resolve to quit smoking so that my neighbors no longer have to smell my second hand smoke as it wafts up to their windows.

For the people I always end up behind on the highway- I resolve to avoid the left lane and drive in the right lane where I belong.

For all of the other women out there-  I vow to gain weight so that Amy Delmanto will look skinny in comparison. 

I could go on all year writing resolutions for others.  It is much, much harder to write them for myself.


  1. I love that last one!! Sounds good to me :-) i wish the same, so i can look skinny too lol!!

  2. I am gaining weight this year in your honor ;D ...that is until April gets here then I need a diet plan like nobody's business!


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