January Photo a Day Challenge

I found this photo challenge on the Raising Mighty Arrows website.  I decided that I would give it a try this month.  I am not sure how many of the 31 I will actually complete on time. Either way it looks like fun!

Day 27: Sweet
How sweet are these two reading together before bed?

Day 25: What I'm Doing
Grading papers- the marking period ends in a few days!

 Day 24: In my hand
Yes it is cliche but I have a red pen in my hand

Day 23: I adore
I adore her spontaneity.

 Day 21: Pattern
My favorite pattern from Thirty-One Gifts that is sadly retired.

Day 20: I feel
I feel frustrated.  A 25 minute commute took me almost 2 hours

Day 19: Bag
 My absolute favorite bag (a thirty-one hostess special)

Day 18: Cold
I love a cold Snapple!

Day 16: Shoes
 Where I keep my shoes

Day 15: What I'm Reading
I am reading The Book Thief

 Day 14: 5 o' clock
 This is the nearest clock at 5:00pm today.  
Yes, I was still at school.  So much for teachers working 9:00-3:00.

Day 13: Looking Up
 In my classroom looking up, this is what you see.

Day 11: Where you sleep

Our bedroom in all its glory.

Day 9: Lunch 

 Yes, I eat a school lunch everyday

Day 8: 3 Things 
3 things that I read every day: lesson plans, my Bible, my ipad

Day 7: Water
Frozen water in our backyard pond during the "polar vortex" here in NJ

Day 6: Soft

 A soft pair of footie pajamas

Day 5: Fresh
A freshly made bed this morning

Day 4: Smile
I lay in bed and smile as I recover from my dental surgery.

Day 3: Orange

On this snowy day, these orange sandals remind me of warm summer days.

 Day 2: Goal
It is my goal to fit into this cute Ann Taylor dress that I found at the consignment shop for $15

Day 1: New
Ella's New Smile


  1. I have always wanted to a Month Photo Challenge, but I always forget or feel as though I am not good enough. Love that you are sticking to this idea and learning more about photography! Maybe one day I can hop on board. PS. Thanks for posting in the North Eastern Bloggers, love knowing there are bloggers in our area :)

    xo. Kailagh

  2. Awww, this sounds like fun. Can I start now and work from here? I take lousy pictures, but it still seems like fun!

  3. I recognize that school lunch! LOL. Im impressed you can make your bed so neatly and be to work for those meetings at 7:25 a.m.!


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