Kids get taller, who knew?

I keep forgetting that my kids will grow.  I see them everyday and somehow don't notice that they are growing. Then sometimes I look at them and suddenly it hits me like a ton of bricks: that kid has grown!  I had one of those moments on Wednesday night.

Sydney decided that she wanted to make playdoh.  We had done that before and she wanted to try it again.  I had to search through my old blog posts to find the recipe that we used last time.  When I found the post, I saw that it was April of last year when we had first tried this recipe. I had also taken pictures of Sydney helping me since it was the first time that she done most of the work herself.

That is when the ton of bricks dropped on my head.  9 months ago she needed a chair to stand on to see into the pan on the stove.  Now she can stand all on her own and see just fine.  She grew!  Look how tall she has gotten in just 9 months!

Ugh!!  Does this mean the other two are growing too?

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  1. Kids grow way too fast! I'm stopping over from the Northeast Bloggers


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