Do A Dot Don'ts


Don't get me wrong- I love the Do A Dot markers.    I love them so much that I created a Pinterest page of free Do A Dot printables.

I wrote a blog post about how much my two year old son, Lucas loves these markers.  I wrote about how nicely he cleans up and how well he works with them.   I spoke too soon...

Lucas went to town with his Teal Do A Dot marker.  His face, lips, teeth and tongue were completely covered in marker.  For added fun, he took of his socks and colored his feet.  He is an over achiever so he colored both the top and bottoms.  He then proceeded to color on the doors and toys.  I know this happened after he colored himself because there were teal footprints leading from the table to toys.

The really impressive part of this mishap is that he accomplished all of that in less than three minutes!  I went upstairs to put his sister in her crib for her nap and then ran into the bathroom.  I was out of the playroom for no more than three minutes!  That is a lot of destruction for such a short period of time.  Good thing I walked in when I did!

Hoping that these Terrible Twos turn into the Terrific Threes!

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  1. If Do A Dots are for kids I'm assuming they're washable?


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