One Year Ago...

Exactly one year ago today at 11:13 in the morning, I gave birth to my sweet miracle, Ella Grace.  I know people always say that the first year goes by fast, but it really did.  So much has happened in this last year that time just flew by. 

I am having trouble seeing the computer screen through my tears as I write this.   If it were not for Ella, I may not be alive today.  The Lord sent her to me to save my life.  She was a miraculous gift from God.

You can read the miraculous story in this blog post.   It is worth reading if you haven't read it yet.  It will bring tears to your eyes and remind you to trust in the Lord always.

My Joy-Filled Life

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  1. Awww...such a beautiful story! I'd love for you to share your story on my blog. I share stories of mommies surviving through all levels of adversity and coming through stronger! Read some other Epic Mommy stories here:

    I also nominated you for the Liebster more here!


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