Taking Pleasure in the Simple Things: A Sippy Cup

 A sippy cup?  Why would I take pleasure in a sippy cup? 

Bear with me, I will answer that.  

Today was one of those days where it seemed like nothing would go my way.  I woke up with a migraine, I had pain in my right arm where I had lymph nodes removed last year, the house was a mess, Sydney over slept and missed the bus and the list goes on.  

So as I continued feeling sorry for myself, I ran outside to see if there was any money in my car's ash tray. I needed a few singles to give Sydney for her Father's Day sale at school.  I had already searched my "go to" spots: the couch cushions and my husband's pants in the laundry to try and find enough money.  My last chance was the car.  

I have been away in South Carolina for the past four days so no one had driven my car since I left.  It was very hot here in NJ while I was gone.  I looked in the window of my van and saw my son's sippy cup on the seat.  Ugh!  I whispered a little prayer, "please Lord, let the cup have water in it."   I knew that if that was milk that I would be throwing out the cup and smelling the curdled milk in my car/oven for days to come!

I opened the cup to find boiling hot....WATER!  I was ecstatic!  I decided to take that cue and stop complaining about my day and to be thankful for that sippy cup.

I changed my attitude, put a smile on my face and thanked the Lord for the many, many blessings that He has given me!

1 comment:

  1. Finding a milk filled sippey cup that has been lost for days somewhere is just the worst!! yuck!! Yes, thank goodness it was water!


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