Christmas House Tour (busy mom style)

Have you seen the blogs that joined the Christmas House Tour movement?  These bloggers post tours of the Christmas decorations in their homes.  If you haven't seen one of these posts, you can check one out at at my sister in law Hilary's blog.   Most of these bloggers, like my sister in law, are people who have an eye for design & decor and have a knack for DIY.  

Their homes are gorgeous and can sometimes make a regular homeowner like myself feel a bit inadequate.  So if you are feeling  abit overwhelmed too, I will make you feel a little better about yourselves.  I am posting a tour of my Christmas decor.  

Some homes have a "theme."  My theme this year is "child friendly."  With three small kids, all of my decor has to be either child friendly or edible.

 These are Nativity scene magnets on the inside of the front door.

We decided to skip the full sized tree this year and go with a smaller tree that fits on the dining room table.  This stops the two littlest Delmantos from messing with the ornaments.  The table is in the front window so the tree can also be seen from the street and gives the appearance of a full sized tree.

Advent Calendar hanging on the hall closet door.

We hang our Christmas cards on the kitchen cabinets. 

I love to use artwork made by the kids as Christmas decor.  Sydney made this 5 years ago and I hang it up every year in the front hallway.

I have an 8x10 portrait of each child hanging in the hallway downstairs.  We made Christmas lights to hang under each of their pictures.

We each have a matching stocking hanging on the staircase.

Sydney loves to create decor to hang on the walls.

 Did you decorate for Christmas?   Do you have an eye for design?  Share a link to your blog if you blogged about your house this Christmas!


  1. I live this because its how I feel too! My kid isn't old enough yet for too many arts and crafts but I'm sure next Christmas all our decor will be made by him! I was going to do a post like this but I lost track of time and we Are about to go out of town so maybe not this year! Thanks for sharing with us on Time for Mom!

  2. You have a wonderful blog!! I'm your newest Bloglovin follower from the “Fun Friday“ blog hop - this is my blog if you wanted to follow back:

  3. I loved seeing your Christmas decorations! I love seeing the beautiful homes but like you, I have never had an eye for it. And now that my children are grown, my home is still decorated much the same way as I now watch my grandchildren while their parents work :) I have come to realize that there is a special beauty in decorating in a way that the children can enjoy & relate to. May you & yours have a most blessed Christmas!

  4. Love the child friendly theme - I'm right there with you sister! I'd love to decorate like I used to, but why fill my days screaming don't touch that over and over? It hurts the feel of Christmas. So glad to see others in the same stage of life. Thank you for linking up with Cozy Reading Spot, this one truly warmed my mama heart.



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