2013: Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

One of the benefits of blogging for me is that I can look back at old blog posts and see where my life was a week, month or year ago.   When I look at where I was at the end of 2012, I see that I am in a much different place now.   2012 was the year of the good, the bad and the ugly.  2013 was very different,  the year of many changes.  

1. Aaron lost his job at the end of 2012 and in January of 2013 he got a new job

2. I went from being a cancer patient to being cancer free!

3. I went back to teaching after spending three years home with the babies. 

4. My kids grew a lot!  I know- they do that.  It just seems like such a difference from last year. 

It was a really good year and our family has much to be grateful for.  I look forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for us in 2014!

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