The Best Christmas Teacher Gifts I Received This Year

So I will admit it, the day before Christmas break as a middle school teacher can be insane.  OK, it is comparable to an insane asylum that ran out of straight jackets!  

There are some fun moments too.  The class mothers this year did a fantastic job putting together our class party.  The kids had so much fun!  They planned some really fun games for the kids.  

Another fun part of the day is getting teacher gifts.  It is like being a kid on Christmas morning! I love to see the children's faces as they come up to my desk with their cards or gifts.  

The question I get asked the most by people that know I am a teacher is, "What should I get my child's teacher?"  

For me, honestly, I don't expect anything.  They really don't need to give me a gift.  When they do though, it does make me feel really special and appreciated.  Of course, gift cards are really helpful.  What I enjoy most is reading the cards and notes that were written by the kids.  Since I teach middle school, the kids are old enough to write their own sentiments.  

Here are some of the cards that made me smile...

So when planning a gift for your child's teacher, don't forget to have your child write out a note.  Make sure they share how they feel about their teacher.  It will touch their heart!


  1. What a great idea! Merry Christmas

  2. Hand written notes are always nice to receive. It seems in the world today there is less and less of that with all the digital technology.

  3. My husband is a teacher and notes of encouragement like this mean the world to him! I'm so glad you have students and parents that are so giving and encouraging! I'll have to remember to do this for my kids teachers--thanks for sharing the idea!

  4. My son is a senior in High School so we didn't need to buy teacher's gifts...#notcool - lol Happy New Year.


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