Teacher Appreciation Month

Garden themed basket including Lowe's gift card.

In case you aren't a teacher or don't have school age kids, you may not know that May is Teacher Appreciation Month.  This is my 14th year teaching and I have felt the most appreciated this year out of all of the 13 previous years combined!  My 7th grade homeroom parents have gone above and beyond!  I received so many fun themed gift baskets from them this month. 

I love puns and this crate was full of them!

This was especially perfect for me since I drink Lemon Snapple everyday.  I don't drink coffee.  Snapple is my caffeine.

I also received some cute little treats in my mailbox like this one:

and this:

There were many other personal gifts too.  One of my favorites was this Blessings Journal with my name inscribed on the cover. 

 Want to bless your child's teacher but are short on funds?  Write a short note to him/her thanking them for their work with your child.  Let him/her know how they are making a difference in your child's life.

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