On the Father's Day 2014, I am grateful for my father, Lenny Smith and my husband, Aaron Delmanto. 

Dad and me in 1975

 My dad is a truly kind person.  I know that a lot of people toss that phrase around lightly but anyone who knows my dad knows that this true.  My dad would  cut off his right arm if he thought you needed it.  He taught me how to care for others and how to be a giving person.   (I am still learning this one.)  

My dad also taught me math.  I know some of you are thinking, "your dad wasn't a math teacher!"  Nope, my dad is a plumber (still working full-time at 70 years old) but is one of the smartest people I know.  He helped me with my math through all my years of school and I ended up becoming a math minor in college.  

My dad sacrificed for me in countless ways and he still does!    He worked many hours of overtime to ensure that his kids were able to attend Christian school.  Most recently, he heard that our hot water heater had died.  He knew that we were a little strapped for cash so he went out and bought us this tankless one that was 10x better than what we could afford.  He then installed it with my husband. 

Thank you dad for all you have done! 

Without my husband, Aaron, I am convinced that my children would not have any fun at all!  You are probably laughing and thinking I am kidding, but it is true.  When it comes to the kids, I take on the serious role.  I make sure they are wearing clean clothes, do their homework, be polite, obey, etc. I spend much of my time cleaning.  When my son was asked what was his mom's favorite thing to do,  he replied "clean!" All of that doesn't always leave much room for fun.  

My husband does a good job of making sure that the kids have time to act like kids.  He is the one that takes them sledding, builds forts from the couch pillows, goes to the park (even when it is muddy), makes sandcastles shaped like sharks, serves them breakfast for dinner, naps with them, digs in the dirt, goes on hayrides, turns himself into a human trampoline, you get the idea!

Thank you Aaron for being a great dad to all three kids and making sure that the kids have some fun!

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  1. I hope they are both having a wonderful Father's Day!


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