Happy 40th Birthday!

 Today was my husband's 40th birthday!  We kept things low key for a couple of reasons:  

 2. Money has been tight since we both lost our jobs last month.   

I still wanted to make sure that the kids were able to wish daddy a happy birthday so instead of just making a traditional sized card, I pulled out my teacher pad of chart paper and let the little ones got to town! 

I  wrote some of the words but my three year old was able to write a lot of it by tracing dots that I drew as a guide.   The lovely drawings are courtesy of two year old, Ella.  Since our front door is magnetic, we hung the "card" on the door. 

It was Sydney's idea to get an ice cream cake so that we could sing Happy Birthday.  She even spent much of our travel time in the van today teaching Ella to sing the words to "Happy Birthday."  It really was very cute to hear.  I am not saying that they sounded melodious but it was adorable.

 I am sure that the kids had more fun than daddy did but I know that it was enough for him to have his family around him on his birthday.

Happy 40th Birthday Aaron!  We love you!

(Just remember I am still 39!)


  1. Happy to hear you guys had a great day! Nothing cheaper or more appreciated than time spent together :) Dan and I also didn't go out on our anniversary this month...stayed home with Evey, cooked dinner and dessert, and enjoyed each other's company. No expensive dinner or babysitter required!

  2. I hope he had a great birthday!

  3. just found your blog from the blog hobnob hop! wow, that's a mouthful! haha. anyways, excited to be following along now via bloglovin!


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