Graduation Season

It's Graduation Season again here in New Jersey.    This was my first year teaching middle school (I spent the first 14 years in elementary)  so it was the first time I attended a graduation of students that I taught that same year.    There were some very proud moments as I watched my "kids" graduate and move up to our high school.

Two of my students (twins) that graduated 8th grade.

I teach at the small Christian school that I graduated from "a few" years ago so it was very nostalgic to sit in that very same gym and watch my students graduate.  It was a different perspective to watch the ceremony from the audience as a teacher rather than on the stage as a student.

I was a senior and my brother was an 8th grader back in 1993.  Our graduations were held on the same night in the same gym.  

The graduation got me thinking about my own three children and the fact that my oldest daughter, Sydney, is just 4 years away from her 8th grade graduation.  How is that possible?   
  Now that graduation season is over- summer has arrived!!!!


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  1. Time flies! It's been 10 years since I graduated high school, geez! It even sounds weird to say it! I hope you guys had a great Monday!


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