First Chores then the Store

Sydney mopping the playroom floor

I may be breaking some child labor laws.  I am putting my seven year old to work.  It is a Win-Win for us.

I have taught her how to do several daily chores and I pay her to do them.  I get her to do some of my work and she gets some spending money.  She has also received a lesson on how much things cost and the value of hard work.

This is the chore list so far:

Make beds- 25 cents each
empty dishwasher- 25 cents
load dirty dishes into dishwasher- 25 cents
one load laundry from hamper to washer to dryer- 25 cents
fold and put away a load- 50 cents
sweep kitchen floor- 25 cents
mop floor- 50 cents
hand up coat and backpack after school- 25 cents

She saves her quarters in a bank.  When we go shopping she brings her quarters with her and can make a purchase.  We went out yesterday and she bought a toy at Five Below.  It helps her to understand how much things cost and it helps me since I don't need to listen to her constantly asking for me to buy her something.  It makes her think before she buys something.  Is it worth spending her money on it?

I am sure there are many opinions out there on this issue. Some may think that she is too young for chores.  Others may think that paying your child to help around the house is wrong, that she should just help without payment. 

Do your children do chores?  Do you pay them?  Any more chore suggestions for my chore list?

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  1. I think it's very important that you are teaching her in this way! My mom used to pay us 3 cents for every (correctly) folded pair of socks...hey, with 8 people in the house I think she was so super smart when it came to this! LOL!...I pay Seth and Gracie for their chores with stickers on a chart that they can cash in for something from the dollar store. I think that is appropriate for a 4&5 year old. When they become Syndey's age, they'll be ready to graduate to real money :D Keep up the great work, Momma!


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