Indoor Snow Fun

No that was not a spelling error- I meant indoor.  I was a poor sport Saturday morning.  I hurt my back and there was no way I was going to be able to play outside in the snow with the kids.  Aaron is not a fan of the cold so staying inside was the way to go.

Lucas had so much fun inside watching the tractor that was out front plowing the snow. He is so in love with trucks right now that he was ready to burst watching the giant tractor.  He really thought that we ordered that tractor just for him.

Ella wanted to join in the fun.  The two of them had so much fun!  They were giggling, laughing and pointing at the tractor.  No need to go outside when there is so much fun inside! Maybe mommy's back will feel better tomorrow and we can venture out into the snow!  We will have to convince Daddy to come too!

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