Organization Challenge Day 5- Bagging the Bags

 Day 5 of  my organization challenge was to organize my purses.  For me, the inside of my purses weren't too bad, it was the number of purses that was a problem.  So I decided to "bag" the bags.   I kept these six bags:

When I cleaned out these bags, I found some things in the tiny pockets.  I found 7 lipsticks, three dollars and an Epi Pen.

I decided to giveaway and sell the rest of the bags:

I gave this bag to my niece. She didn't want the others.
I sold this bag

I sold this bag
I sold this bag

I think that Day 5 was a huge success.  I gained more room in my closet by slimming down my purse collection.  My niece got a "new to her" bag.  I made some money by selling some of the bags.

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