30 Days to Organization- Day 4

I know.  I know.  This is turning out to be the 30 week challenge instead of the 30 day challenge.  I get it- I am a little behind.  OK- a lot behind!

I have completed Day 4 of the challenge.  You can read the the original 30 Days to Organization post here.  Day 4's assignment was the laundry room.  I have more of a laundry nook here in our little townhouse.  You can read about the size of our home in this blog post.

Our laundry nook is located in the upstairs hallway right outside the bedrooms.   Growing up our laundry room was in the basement so I always associate laundry with the long trek down to the dungeon basement.  It is nice to have the washer and dryer right outside the rooms where the laundry is generated and where it is folded and put away.  No stairs to climb!

For the challenge I cleaned off the top of the dryer that was covered in socks that were looking for mates.  Both the washer and the dryer needed a good wipe down both inside and out.  I made room on the shelf to store the laundry baskets when they weren't being used.

It was a small project but I still feel a sense of accomplishment.  Plus the house seems bigger with the laundry baskets stored on the shelf instead of on the floor in the hallway.

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