I Can Laugh at Myself Too

This afternoon I took my daughter Sydney and my nieces Kate and Kylie to the ice skating rink here in town.    A great guy at our church organizes outings for families to attend.    Since I have been pregnant for about the last 1,000 winters, this is the first time I have been ice skating in awhile.  We had a fun time together and Kate was by far the best skater of the four of us.  We enjoyed seeing some of our friends from church and hanging out together.

Many people would end their blog post there.  They would post the highlights of the outing and some of the pictures of the fun moments.  Since I promised to keep it "real"  I am posting a video below.

Let me set the scenario, turn the sound up and you will hear that Sydney wanted me to make a video of her skating.  I proceed to follow behind Sydney with the camera rolling. I struggle to keep up with her.  She is a much better skater than I thought!  

Watch it until the end, it is worth it!

Yes, that is me totally wiping out.  I crashed and burned.  I fell so hard on my ribs that I completely knocked the wind out of my chest.  After I was able to breathe, I laughed hard at myself.  I am glad that I learned at a young age to laugh at myself!

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