Groundhog Day Activities

Don't forget to celebrate Ground Hog Day with your kids.   It is a fun holiday that you can celebrate with your students in your classroom or your children if you homeschool.

FREE coloring pages and a really great blog

Need a break in your school day?  Try these tasty treats!

Free download from TPT for K-4th graders

Cute Punxsutawney Phil Puppets

Check out this freebie for K-2 little guys available on TPT

Start your day with these adorable and easy to make pancakes

Check this blogger out to print the spelling list that is the companion to this word search.

This Kindergarten teacher shares a craft and poem this special day

This Ground Hog facts printable is available on TPT for $2

Another great set of FREE Printables available on TPT

Classroom Decor Free Printable Subway Art

Still need more ideas?  This Pinterest board is the best collection of Groundhog Day pins that I have seen!  She has 150 pins just for Ground Hog Day!

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Lunch Box Notes

I love the concept of lunch box notes.  I wrote this blog post about it last year.  I decided to put all of my favorite sources for lunchbox notes together in this one post.  As always, if you choose to use one of these free printables please let the blogger know by leaving a comment or by following their blog.

This blogger really does have lunchbox notes for every occasion for FREE

FREE Lunch Box Notes with Bible Verses

I love these Lunchbox laughs- make sure you look through this bloggers entire blog.  She has freebies everywhere!

Love Star Wars?  FREE Printables

This blogger has a bunch of adorable freebies on her blog

These Freebies are so fun!

These notes would be great for older elementary or middle school kids

Print these before you Pin them- there are a limited number of free downloads. 

Lunchbox notes for middle school and high schoolers

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Kids get taller, who knew?

I keep forgetting that my kids will grow.  I see them everyday and somehow don't notice that they are growing. Then sometimes I look at them and suddenly it hits me like a ton of bricks: that kid has grown!  I had one of those moments on Wednesday night.

Sydney decided that she wanted to make playdoh.  We had done that before and she wanted to try it again.  I had to search through my old blog posts to find the recipe that we used last time.  When I found the post, I saw that it was April of last year when we had first tried this recipe. I had also taken pictures of Sydney helping me since it was the first time that she done most of the work herself.

That is when the ton of bricks dropped on my head.  9 months ago she needed a chair to stand on to see into the pan on the stove.  Now she can stand all on her own and see just fine.  She grew!  Look how tall she has gotten in just 9 months!

Ugh!!  Does this mean the other two are growing too?

Book Review: Unstoppable

Title: Unstoppable
Subtitle: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action
Author: Nick Vujicic
Genre: Inspirational

What?!? Is there really someone on the cover of this book surfing with no arms and no legs?   Yes!  There is! No photoshopping there!

This is the second book of Nick's that I am reviewing so I am familiar with his story.  You can read my review of "Limitless" at

Nick Vujicic was born without any of his limbs- no arms and no legs!  His parents had no idea that their son was missing his limbs until the moment he was born.  After the initial shock, Nick's parents raised Nick along with his two siblings and treated him the same as his siblings.  They  did not expect less of him.   They did not treat him as a disabled person.

Nick went through a difficult time as a teenager.  I am sure you can all relate to those challenging and awkward teen years!   I can't even begin to imagine how difficult those years were for him!  In this book, he overcame his despair with God's help.  He knows that his life has meaning and that God does not make mistakes.  God created Nick this way and Nick understands his purpose.
You will find this book inspirational as Nick openly discusses the struggles in his life and how he overcame them.  He will encourage you to believe that anything is possible with God!  Nick's message is strong and true!

My favorite part of the book is when Nick shares the story of how he and his wife met and married.  When I started that chapter, I could not put it down!  He then went on to start a family and have a son!  

I also enjoyed reading about Nick meeting the Reverend Billy Graham.  What an amazing opportunity for both of them.  Two evangelists talking together and encouraging each other!

If you read this blog, you already know that I teach middle schoolers.  It is both rewarding and challenging.  One of the challenges is that middle schoolers struggle with their body image.  They often struggle with a positive self esteem.  Sometimes when I try to encourage them it is difficult.  I can tell them that it all works out and that it may seem difficult now as a teenager.  They look at me and think, "what does she know, she was a tall, blonde athlete?"  Of course, they don't understand that tall blonde athletes struggle with their self images too.   They don't always trust the advice I am giving them.  I think they would trust what Nick Vujicic has to say!  They would not question that he has struggled with body image issues and overcame them!

I recommend this book to everyone! There is not a person out there that hasn't experienced despair and struggle.  Everyone can learn from Nick's example!  

There are a few, specific groups that I think would especially benefit from reading this book:

The first would be teens and young adults.  Nick speaks candidly about the struggles he experienced as a teen and how his despair led him to attempt suicide.  I think that every teen would benefit from Nick's example and life story.  I think his story would help any teen that is struggling with self esteem and contemplating taking their own life.  

The second would be parents of a disabled child.  It must be heart breaking and challenging to have a child with a disability.  This book would help those parents to see past their child's disability and look for their child's purpose and gifts.    Nick's parents are a shining example of a positive way to raise a disabled child.

If I could give more than 5 stars to this book I would! 

You can read more about Nick and his ministry on his website:

Disclaimer:  I received this book for free from the Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Company in exchange for an honest review.


Activities to Celebrate the Winter Olympics with your Kids

The Winter Olympics begin on February 6th.     Are you ready to cheer on your country and enjoy the experience with your kids?  Most of us won't be in Sochi to watch the games but here are a bunch of activities that you can do at home while you watch with your kids.

The TipJunkie shares 16 fun idea for the whole family to take part in during the Olympics

Free Winter Olympic Pack

Great activities for teachers and homeschoolers of K-4

This blogger compiles a great list of books to read with your children during the Winter Olympics

This teacher lists some great activites for Kindergarten through Second graders on her Teachers pay Teachers site.

This post contains some great crafts that kids of all ages will love to make during the Olympics

This FREE activity guides your child with a booklet to design their own Olympic sport

FREE Winter Olympic sorting activity

This is a FREE DO a DOT activity that is Winter Olympic themed

This unit on Teachers Pay Teachers contains everything you need to teach your child about the Winter Olympics

This is an adorable FREE Olympic themed graphing activity for early elementary students

This is a great character education unit to use during the winter Olympics

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Middle School Bulletin Boards

I went back to teaching this year after three years home with my children.  I spent the first 12 years teaching as an elementary school teacher in the public schools and now I teach middle school science at a Christian school.  I don't have to tell you that there are a lot of differences between the two!  

One of the differences is the bulletin boards.  If you are a teacher you know what I am talking about.  In the elementary school, bulletin boards are sacred.  The teachers spend hours designing and making the most beautiful creations.  It is in their blood.  In the middle school and especially the high school, bulletin boards can be an after thought.  

I was excited that my colleagues in my middle school were open to some creative bulletin boards.  We spiced it up in the middle school building this year.   One of my colleagues created an amazing display for Christmas on the names of Jesus.

Here are the bulletin boards that we have created recently: 

I got the idea for this from Pinterest and then adapted it for us.  The teacher next door to me drew the Bible and chose the verse- Isaiah 34:16.

One of the student teachers in our building designed this winter themed board.

She used cups and paper towels.

It was fully three dimensional!

This simple board outside my room displayed some goals and resolutions for the new year that kids in my study wrote.  There is paw print border because our mascot is the TIGER.

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