Happy 69th Anniversary!

Happy 69th wedding anniversary to George and Barbara Bush!  Wow!  That is a long time!  They were married on January 6, 1945.  Barbara Bush says that she married the first man she ever kissed.  

 They hold the record for the longest presidential marriage by a long shot!  Second place goes to John and Abigail Adams who were married for 54 years.

In order for Aaron and I to be married for 69 years, I will need to live to be 102 years old and Aaron 103!

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  1. Isn't it amazing! They have been together longer than some people are alive!

    I've taken a look around and I love your story of survival and triumph over cancer. You have a beautiful family and a fabulous blog Amy!

    Thank you so much for joining our blog hop and may you have a blessed New Year!


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