Middle School Bulletin Boards

I went back to teaching this year after three years home with my children.  I spent the first 12 years teaching as an elementary school teacher in the public schools and now I teach middle school science at a Christian school.  I don't have to tell you that there are a lot of differences between the two!  

One of the differences is the bulletin boards.  If you are a teacher you know what I am talking about.  In the elementary school, bulletin boards are sacred.  The teachers spend hours designing and making the most beautiful creations.  It is in their blood.  In the middle school and especially the high school, bulletin boards can be an after thought.  

I was excited that my colleagues in my middle school were open to some creative bulletin boards.  We spiced it up in the middle school building this year.   One of my colleagues created an amazing display for Christmas on the names of Jesus.

Here are the bulletin boards that we have created recently: 

I got the idea for this from Pinterest and then adapted it for us.  The teacher next door to me drew the Bible and chose the verse- Isaiah 34:16.

One of the student teachers in our building designed this winter themed board.

She used cups and paper towels.

It was fully three dimensional!

This simple board outside my room displayed some goals and resolutions for the new year that kids in my study wrote.  There is paw print border because our mascot is the TIGER.

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