Book Review: Along Came You

Title: Along Came You
Author: Karona Drummond
Illustrator: Estelle Corke
Genre: Preschool Board Book

Along Came You is a brightly illustrated board book about a mom and a daughter.  The story is told by the mom.  She starts each page by telling what her like was like before she had her daughter.  The next page tells how that part of her life has changed now that she has her little girl. It shows how life was good before having kids but is different after, how that different can be better.  

"Before you my life was quiet.  After you, there is joyful noise."

The story was very sweet and the illustrations were perfectly matched to the story.  I read the story to my daughter who is two years old.  She loved the pictures and the story was simple enough for her to stay engaged.  

I think that the book would make an excellent gift for any mom to be or mom of a young daughter.  It would be perfect for a Mother's Day gift!  It is a great way to "warn" a new mom about the changes she is about to experience in her life.  If you have kids you know what I am talking about.  Life will never be the same once you have kids. 

My only recommendations for improvement would be that the size of the font be larger since it is a board book.  Little ones are beginning to notice letters and it would be helpful to have a larger and easier to read font.  I also feel that since the book is from a Christian publishing company  the book should mention that children are gifts from the Lord.

Disclaimer:  I received this book for free from the Book Look Blogger Program in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Great review! I really appreciate your thoughtful suggestions for improvement! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on!

  2. My daughters are too old for this story, but it sounds like one I would have loved sharing with them. Maybe I can convince them to let me read to them, just this one book! :-)

    Thanks for sharing this lovely story on the hop.


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