Let's Pley: Netflix for Legos- Review and GIVEAWAY

Are you tired of paying a fortune for Legos?  I know that I am!  We pay so much for Lego sets that our kids play with for a few hours to put together and then often don't touch again.  

I had the opportunity to test out the Pley Lego rental websiteYes!  It is as awesome as it sounds.  It is just like the old school Netflix but for Lego sets.   

When you sign up for Pley, you sign up for one of three monthly membership plans, the more you pay, the larger the sets that you can choose.    After you choose your set, a few days later this box arrives at your door...

The box included the directions and the Legos in a mesh bag.  The Legos were washed and sanitized after the last family used them.  The box was also checked to make sure that all of the pieces were present.  They even have a place on their website where kids can act as "Lego detectives" and report missing pieces.  This helps the company to identify incomplete sets.

The box that the Legos come in also serves as a handy place to hold the Legos while your child is building their creation!  This was super helpful as Sydney got right to work as soon as she opened her box.  Your child can decide how long they would like to hold on to the set.

Sydney decided the next day that she was ready for a new set.  Just like with movies and Netflix, you can watch it once and send it back or you can hold on to it awhile and watch the movie over and over.  Sydney wanted to try another set right away. 

We packed up the set carefully and put it back into the mesh bag and blue box that it was delivered in.  The set came with a prepaid shipping sticker to put on the box.   All I needed to do was add two strips of packing tape to the box and it was ready to go.  Her second set arrived 5 days after we mailed the first set back.  It is great, you can get as many sets as you want during the month.  It is free shipping both ways!

All in all Pley has come up with a fantastic idea!  I wish I had thought of it!   

I recommend Pley for families with kids of all ages.  My Sydney absolutely loved it!  As a mom, I found it super easy to navigate and manage!  Pley has 3 pricing plans so there is one for every budget.  They have hundreds of sets to choose from for all ages.  The sets are simple like Duplo to advanced like Star Wars!

 If you are looking for a gift for the "kid who has everything."  This would be perfect!  What kid doesn't love to get mail, especially Lego mail?

Pley even sweetened the deal by giving me two memberships to give away to my readers!  Woo Hoo!  I have a 6 month Super Fan membership and a 3 Month Super Fan membership.
  You can enter below and I will use Rafflecopter to draw the two lucky winners!

Even if you don't win, Pley has made everyone a winner and will be giving everyone that enters a Promo code for a FREE one month trial membership to Pley as soon as the raffle ends!

Everything is Awesome!  
(You didn't think I could write a Lego post without saying that one, did you?)


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Hi Amy
    I love playing with Legos with my little guys. We just got a Jake and the Neverland Pirates Lego set and it's nonstop building with this one. Also thanks for partying with us at Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party. I got your request to join my Pinterest Giveaway Board and I'd love to have you pin to it; when you can just send me your email and I'll go to the board and send you an invitation.

    1. Thanks Angel! My email is adelmanto@aol.com

  2. This is awesome! I get my clothes this way through Gwynnie Bee, I'd love to do Legos for the kids!! I'm ready to sign up now!! :D I entered the contest, so I can't wait to get the promo code for at least a free month. Thanks SO much!!!!!


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