Valentine's Day Classroom Decor

 I love decorating my 5th grade classroom for each new holiday. One of the first things I decorate is the door to my classroom.  Be warned that I love puns and corny sayings. :) 

My classroom door in 2016

My classroom door in 2015

 I don't have a hallway bulletin board like most teachers based on the location of my classroom.  Instead, the walls are covered with lockers for the students.   I learned that if I wanted to display work in the hallway that I would need to hang it on their lockers!

I modified this FREE Jar of Hearts Activity that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers.   It fits perfectly on their lockers and looks fantastic! This lesson was also a great opportunity to talk about the people and things in life that we appreciate.

We continued the discussion by reading one of my favorite stories.

I hang a large clothesline across the width of my classroom and use clothespins to hang student work througout the year.  For Valentine's Day we continued the theme of love and appreciation of the people and things in our life with a Valentine's Day Project by The Panicked Teacher sold on Teachers Pay Teachers for $2.50.  This could also be put together as a 3-dimensional project.  Maybe next year I will do that and hang them from the ceiling.

 The sad part is that when we get back to school next week it will be time to take it all down and set up for the next holiday!

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