Dr. Seuss Day in the Upper Elementary Classroom

 Dr. Seuss Day is celebrated in Elementary Schools around the country on March 2nd.  The primary grades go crazy with their celebrations because most Dr. Seuss books appeal to that age level.  I teach 5th grade so it is a bit more toned down that day.  It is more difficult to tie the celebrations into grade level appropriate curriculum. 

The first thing we do is decorate our classroom door for the occasion.   I photocopied a hat and had each student color their own.  I used to buy premade cut outs but through the years I realized it would be more expensive that way.  I could laminate them and re use them every year but they wouldn't be able to keep them.  By having them color their own, the students were able to keep them when the day was over and we moved on to Pi Day.

I send a newsletter home every Sunday night and I love to change the theme each month. I bought this newsletter template set with 24 editable templates from The Brown Bag teacher on TPT for $6.00.  It was one of my best TPT purchases.   I searched the Internet to find free printables with inspirational quotes from Dr. Seuss and printed them out on cardstock.

 One of the assignments we completed related to Dr. Seuss were Theodor Seuss Geisel Research Banners.   They made an eye catching and informative display hanging in my classroom.  I purchased them on TPT from Elementary Lesson Plans for $1.25.

5th graders love food!  My husband made the kids deviled eggs with green food dye and wrapped up ham slices in honor of "Green Eggs & Ham."  My teaching partner made a special "Cat in the Hat" treat with gummy Lifesavers and Oreos. 

We finished up the day with a Goal Setting Activity based on "Oh, the Places You Will Go" that I purchased on TPT from Sunshine on a Cloudy Day for $4.00.

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