Men and Candles Don't Mix

The Yankee Candle catalog came in the mail today.  It was one of those catalogs with the scratch and sniff pictures inside.   Front and center on the cover was their new line of "Man Candles."  The main attraction is their new "MMM, BACON" candle.  It smells just like you would think it would.

Is that really necessary?  I get that they are marketing for Father's Day,  but seriously?  Do scented candles and men really mix?  I know that my husband is already not a fan of scented candles.  Would he more inclined to light a candle that smells like bacon?  I think not!

According to the Boston Business Journal, the "man candles" made up 10% of sales in 2012 while they were out on the shelves for a limited release.  I can't imagine who would buy them.  Last year's scents included, "2x4" wood scented candle and the "Riding Mower" grass scented candle.  

What's in the works for next year's "man candles?"  Maybe "sweaty socks" or "flatulence flurry" or maybe even "armpit aroma?"

Let's just say that in our house the only bacon scent you will smell will be coming from our stove top!


  1. Not my kind of smell but I'm sure hubby would like that....but sorry not in this house

    1. oh yea forgot t mention, becoming new follower of yours and linking up at Linking up w/my Ladies!

  2. LMBO! Armpit Aroma! lol, love it - You are funny!

  3. hahaha. i mentioned this to my husband.. he said "eewww."
    funny post!

  4. I've just come across your blog through a link from a linky party! Not sure the aroma of bacon is necessarily a good thing around the house, it would only make me hungry!

  5. This is hilarious. My Husband has a bacon obsession and would probably purchase it just because it's bacon. As far as the other manly scents, they are probably purchased as ill thought out gifts. Personally, when I buy scents I often gravitate towards ones that smell clean or "manly", think cologne and leather scents. That's just my personal preference, my Husband could care less what our house smells like. LOL. Thanks for the giggle. :)



  6. Your post is too funny! I especially like the suggested aromas, armpit aroma I think was the funniest!
    I wanted to stop by to say hi from the linkin' up with ladies link up!
    Glad that we were able to connect!
    Aimee @ Captivating Corner


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