Finally... a Toy that I Want to Play With

My oldest daughter Sydney is a self-proclaimed Tom-boy.  She has always preferred pants over skirts and sports over dancing or cheer leading.   She is a fantastic athlete!  

So up to this point I have not had much luck getting her to play with dolls.  I have been crossing my fingers and hoping that she would eventually like American Girl dolls.  For the past seven years I have had no success.    

During the past few weeks she has fallen in love with the American Girl dolls.  She got one from her grandmother (on her dad's side) and has really enjoyed playing with it. 

We had a really good time having a bowling competition with the doll.  My sister gave me all of the outfits that she had for my nieces and their American Girl dolls. One of the sets was a bowling outfit with bowling ball and bag.  We "borrowed" her brother's bowling pin set and the AG doll got to bowl. 

We celebrated Sydney's 8th Birthday at my parents' house this past Sunday.  Sydney's uncles and aunts chipped in together and bought Sydney the 2013 American Girl Doll of the year- Saige.

She was so happy that she got the gift that she had been hoping for.  She understands completely that the dolls are expensive so I don't think she was expecting to actually get it for her birthday.

I bought her Saige's dog to go with the doll.  She had also asked for a pet dog for her birthday and this was as close as she was going to get to that!


  1. While blog-hopping I found your site, lucky me! My daughter now has a baby daughter of her own but we still have all of her American Dolls and their accessories. It's one of the most wonderful, enriching toy lines for girls and my daughter spent many hours of her pre-teen years with Molly. SO much better than Barbie, isn't it?! -- Jan

  2. Mine is a tomboy too. Love the doll so much nicer than what we have to choose from down under. New follower popping by with some linkin with my ladies love :-)


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