The Devil Doesn't Attend Public School

You have all heard of the "mommy wars."  The most popular battles being breastfeeding,  vaccinations, co-sleeping,  circumcision and  homeschooling.  These battles get pretty heated even in Christian circles.   

These battles make it difficult to make our choices as moms and not to judge what other moms do.  We all feel the constant need to defend our decisions.  We see the "other side" pointing out all of the faults and we become defensive about our choices.

Here is an example, one of my Facebook "friends" that chooses to homeschool her children often posts articles that makes it look like the devil is a student in the public school system.  In an effort to defend her decision to home school, she feels the need to make public school look like it is a terrible option.  She posted this article titled, "Middle School Girls Forced to Ask Classmates for 'lesbian kiss' During Anti-Bullying Presentation."    Boy does a title like that stir the pot!  

So this allegedly happened in a public school in Red Hook, NY.  Does this happen in every public school? No!  There are approximately 100,000 public schools in the United States.  This article reports something that happened at ONE of those schools.  
In response, I feel the need to post an article that shows some of the positive things that happen in public schools.   I found this written in my local Suburban newspaper about a public high school  in New Jersey:
This is the public high school in the town where my parents live.  It takes place before school starts in the morning but it does take place at the school, a public school.  I find it refreshing to see that there are public schools that are willing to host an event like this.  

So what is my point in writing this blog post?  It is that there are articles to support every view out there.  It doesn't mean that you have to share every article with your Facebook friends.  How about we all agree to share the articles that support our choices and not the ones that put down the opposing choice?  
I know, I shouldn't tell anyone what they should or should not share.  They have free speech.  They have the right to post what they want.  What I am saying is that these "mommy wars" could be alot less vicious if we all agreed to keep it positive.  I send my daughter to public school so I am going to avoid putting down someone's choice to send their child to Christian school or to homeschool.  Instead, I will post positive things about my child's experience in the public school.  
It is possible to share your view without criticizing the views of others.  I know that I am guilty of it too.  I am making an effort to be more positive and try to put myself in the shoes of others who are honestly expressing their views.  The exception being, I will still call people out if they are breaking the law or causing harm to another human being. 


  1. I'm a homeschooling, breast-feeding Mama and I respect your choices as well as mine. I'm not a better mother because I nurse my daughter and I really dislike the attitudes that there are others that make such comments to those that choose to bottle feed and publicly educate their children. Different strokes for different folks! We all parent differently and in the end it won't matter if Momma nursed you or bottle-fed you, if you were loved you had an awesome childhood!

  2. I think Mommy Wars are hard on ALL Mommies. They've always upset me. Which is why, perhaps, I stay far away from them! :~)

    I found you via the Linkin with the Ladies Linky Party. So glad I did. I set up my bloglovin account just because of the party, so I'm pretty excited about it all.

    Have a marvelous may!!


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