Living Vicariously

Yes, I am one of "those" parents that live vicariously through their child.  I love watching my daughter Sydney play soccer.  It brings me back to those days in high school and college when I was able to play soccer.  I miss it!  I also miss that I was 40 pounds lighter then, but I digress.

Spring 2009

Fall 2009
Spring 2010

 Sydney began playing soccer when she was just three years old! It was the cutest thing!  There was no score, no goalies and the majority of kids picked blades of grass or their noses.  Even back then, my Sydney was an intense soccer player.  

Fall 2011

Spring 2012
Sydney continued to play Recreational soccer for the next few years.  She played both fall and spring soccer.  By time she was eligible to try out for the U8 (eight and under) travel team, she had 7 seasons under her belt!  She tried out for the travel team for the fall 2012- spring 2013 season and made the team!

Fall 2012

Fall 2012
Spring 2013

She is a fantastic player!  She has so much aggression and speed!  She may be the fastest U8 player in the league!  She is working on her ball handling skills and kicks that are more controlled.  I love that she is not a ball hog- she passes well and plays her position. 

What year will she be eligible for the Olympics? Just kidding, I am not "that" type of parent.  OK, no really, what year?


  1. I'm SO loving your blog already!!! I'm swinging by from the fb frenzy, and now following via GFC. Your blog title really rings true for me, so I had to come by and show some comment love! =0)
    Great post! Ah...I remember back in the day too...At least we can have fun watching our kids now play.

  2. PS - Decided to follow on Pinterest as well (hope you don't think I'm stalking!). LOL


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