What Really Happens when the Babies are Napping

My two youngest kids sleep in the same room.  My son Lucas is 2 years old and my daughter Ella is one year old. There are two cribs in the room.  They nap at the same time and go sleep for the night at the same time.

This is what we think is going on in their room when we put them in their cribs:

 Here is what actually happens:

Yes, that is my son in my daughter's crib.  He likes to climb out of his crib and hang out with her for awhile.  They throw everything out of their cribs onto the floor.  Then, he climbs back into his own crib and they go to sleep.  They "chat" and giggle for about an hour until one of them finally falls asleep.  

It is so sweet to see them get along so well.  I wish that Lucas was that nice to his sister during the day!

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