Stir Crazy!

We were stir crazy!  Spring could not come fast enough!  For some reason, this winter has seemed really long.  Between the crummy weather and our battles with illness, we needed to get outside.  My middle child, Lucas really needed to run, climb and jump. So on Thursday we headed out to Dorbrook Park even though it was chilly.  It was a good choice since there wasn't any mud and lots of playground equipment. 

Sydney is on break from school so I had all three kids with me.  We met up with friends of ours for a total of 3 adults and 7 kids!   It was great to be outside breathing fresh air. 

Lucas really needed to run, jump and climb. 
 He had so much fun!

Ella and her best friend Emily on the seesaw.

Sydney and her buddy Lucas playing in the sand.

The oldest kids had fun pushing their sisters on the swings.

Our friend Livia and her super cute son, Gabriel.

We will be back at Dorbrook soon.  When the summer comes, the water park section of Dorbrook will open up.  We can't wait to get out into the sun!

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