When the Playroom is too Quiet

We live in tight quarters here but we try to make the most of our square footage.  My husband Aaron turned what was supposed to be a formal dining room into a playroom.  You can read about that transformation in this post.  It is a great place for the playroom because it is right off the kitchen.  We put a baby gate between the playroom and kitchen and now the babies are secure in their own space.

So this morning, like most mornings, I am in the kitchen making breakfast (scrambled eggs) for the kiddos and chatting on the phone with a friend.  The babies were in the playroom together.  I realized that the playroom was too quiet.  In our house quiet is a cause for concern.  It is like sounding an alarm!  I turned around from the stove to check on them and this is what I saw

At first, I didn't see Ella.  I was concerned that my son had piled all of that on top of my daughter.  I spotted her and questioned my two year old as to what he was doing.  He said, "Tower- Knock it down- baby." Apparently he was making a tower and then planning to knock it down on his sister.  As the toys precariously hung over my one year old daughter's head, I snapped a quick picture and dismantled his "work of art."

To give you a little perspective on what I was seeing, here is a before and after shot of that corner of the playroom:

So I guess I can now add, "Don't build a giant tower of toys and knock it down on your sister," to my list of rules that I didn't think I needed to tell you!

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  1. I love the brainwaves kids get sometimes. My daughter thinks it's a lot of fun to chase me with her pram and ram it into my ankles. I'd complain but at least while she's doing it to me she's not terrorising her older cousins.


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