Reasons My Son is Crying

Have you seen the latest viral craze?  It is a Tumblr called, "Reasons My Son Is Crying."    It is hilarious!  I love the fact that this family is willing to laugh at themselves.  The premise is that the parents take pictures of their son crying and each photo has a caption that gives the reason why he is crying.  The reasons are so funny.  It is always something that he shouldn't be crying about.
 Here is an example:
I wouldn't let him drown in this pond

I decided yesterday to take some of my own "Reasons my Son is Crying" pictures.  Lucas always gives me plenty of material.   These shots were from just half a day!

I didn't consider the playdough he was eating as part of a balanced diet
I didn't think he should give his sister a "bath" with his chocolate milk

One day my son may have a son of his own and I hope he gets one just like him! :)

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  1. You should definitely save these for him! They're so funny!


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