Book Review- Bedtime Stories and Prayers

Title: Bedtime Stories and Prayers
Subtitle: Blessings for Bedtime
Author: Dandi Daley MacKall and Kathleen Long Bostrom
Genre: Children

Bedtime Stories and Prayers is a hardcover book written for parents to read to their children.   When I received the book, I was surprised how long it was.  I expected a short storybook but the book was longer than I thought at 128 pages long.  The book actually contained four stories in one book.  

Bedtime Blessings- teaches children about the nighttime and that there is nothing to fear.

Thank You, God-  teaches children to be thankful

Blessings Everywhere-  reminds children to remember their blessings

God Loves You- reminds children that God is there to comfort them

I read the book to two of my children before they went to bed.  I read one story from the book a night.  My children are very young.  My son is two years old and my daughter is one year old.  

Since they are so young, I was not able to read the book word for word.  We mostly talked about what we saw in the pictures.  The illustrations were beautifully drawn so my children really enjoyed them.  

The story is more appropriate for children older than mine.  The story is repetitive and rhymes so I think that children 3-5 years old would really like it.   They would be able to predict the repetitive parts and read along with their parents.

  The content is wonderful and contains concepts that all children should know.   My son is in a 2 year old class in Awana at my church and the concepts in this book align with what he was learning there.  

Disclaimer:  I received this book for free from Tyndale Publishing Company in exchange for an honest review.

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