Not a Fan of Birthdays

I am usually not a fan of my birthday.  I am one of those people who would prefer that no one even knew it was my birthday.  It is not that I am afraid of turning older, I just don't need people to make a fuss.  So in the past, I would try to completely avoid my birthday.

This year I am excited to be another year older!
Why is this year different?  This year, I am blessed to be another year older.  At this time last year, I did not know for sure that I would make it to another birthday.

On my 37th birthday last year, I was at the point with my cancer diagnosis where I knew I had breast cancer but did not know how serious it was.  I woke up the morning of my birthday wondering if it was my last.  

A few days after my birthday, I had surgery and the malignant tumor was removed and I knew that my prognosis was excellent.   I received radiation treatment and my prognosis was even better.

Today, on my 38th birthday, I am grateful to be alive.   I know that the Lord is not finished with me yet.  I have purpose here on this earth.  I am doing my best to use the time that I have been given to honor the Lord.  

So this year I will celebrate and praise the Lord for giving me another year!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. 
James 1:17


  1. Happy birthday!!!
    Live for the moment!
    big hugs+++

  2. Hey hon wow you have been going through some things and you made it out well. So happy for you!! I wish you the best day ever =)


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