Best Friends...

My son and my daughter are 18 months apart.  I would never purposely have had my children that close together but God had other plans.  You can read about my daughter's amazing birth in this blog post.  I am so glad that the Lord gave us Ella.  Even though it wasn't what I planned, it has been such a blessing.  Being so close in age, my son and daughter have become best friends.  If they are in the same room, you can rarely see one without the other.  They are always by each other's side.

This is a video of Lucas and Ella during dinner.  I couldn't resist them so I had to grab my cell phone and video their exchange.  Be ready to watch it over and over because they are so endearing.


  1. They are both not only cute but precious as well!! Such blessings!!! Enjoy for me, well i just might find myself sneaking into the nursery on any given sunday to sneak a peek of them..or to tickle emma so i can hear her squeal! :-)

  2. That is wonderful that they love each other so much. My brother Mike and I are only 13 months apart and did everything together when we were little. We are still close as adults and I would say best friends.

    I pray that their love and kindness for each other remains.


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