Thriving in a Small Space- Dressers and Cribs and Beds, OH My!

There is no denying it, our living quarters are tight.  You can read about the size of our home in this blog post.  The three kids are sharing one room.  We are fortunate that is a pretty large room.

Some of the benefits in the space are the full bath and the three closets.  There is plenty of storage for all three kids.  The closets need some organizing but that is for another blog post.

We have managed to squeeze three dressers, two book shelves, two cribs and a bunk bed into this space. 

The biggest challenge of the space is getting all three to actually sleep in there at the same time.  Sydney has trouble sleeping in there when the babies make noise while they sleep.  Lucas wakes up Ella and then Ella starts to cry.

So I needed a temporary solution.  Having a room for each child would be the perfect solution but that is not possible.  We aren't in the financial place to move and since we are in a townhouse, adding on bedrooms to this house isn't possible either.

So I decided to use the rooms that we do have.  If Ella can't sleep in the bedroom when Lucas wakes her up, she goes into the living room to sleep in her "pack and play."  Sydney has an alternate place to sleep in the playroom. You can read about our playroom in this blog post.  The sofa in the playroom pulls out into a twin size bed.  Sydney loves it!  

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