Ella's New Sweater.... from 1975

My mother likes to save things from our childhood in her attic.  Some would call it hoarding.  Last weekend she ventured up into the attic with my brother to find all of his old baseball card collections.  While she was up there she found some of my old baby clothes.

This sweater was mine when I was a baby.   I had to remind Sydney that, yes they had sweaters in the "olden days."  After a wash with Dreft, the sweater lost the "I have been in the attic for 37 years smell."  The sweater even has all of the buttons.  It is actually pretty cute!

My next task is to find an outfit in Ella's closet to pair with this sweater or maybe even splurge by heading to the consignment shop for a "new" dress.  You can read about my favorite shop in this blog post.  I wonder what other treasures I can find up in my mother's attic, well, that is for another blog post!


  1. Very cute sweater.

    My mother does the same thing. Must be that "olden days" problem they have. John wore the sweaters that were my brothers my Aunt had knitted for them. I have crochet and knit blankets that were made by his G.Great grandmother for his dad when he was a baby. Old is good except for those purple tie-dyed bell bottom jeans that were my moms when she was a teen. Yes, my SON loves wearing them at the skatepark. Some things should just be burnt and not saved. He better not think about wearing my dads leather motorcycle pants he lived in when he was a teenager. I pray he never fits in them.


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