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So many of us need to tighten the purse strings in this economy.  In the Delmanto house, we have been trimming the excess fat from our budget since Aaron was laid off last month. One way I keep myself in check is by shopping for used items.  

My favorite shop is called  "My Little Haven" which is located on Main Street in Spotswood (my home town.)  The shop carries infant, children and maternity clothes.  They also sell baby goodies like strollers, bedding, swings, etc.

Got all of the dresses for next summer for $15
They are starting a clearance sale tomorrow on their winter clothes.  Clothing items will be $2 each!  They only sell quality used items and everything I have gotten from there has been in :like new" condition.  Since the kids are already stocked up for this winter I will check out clothes for them for next year.  It is pretty easy to anticipate what sizes they will be in then.

Got all of these for $35 (that includes the snow
pants for Sydney)
Since the store takes consignment, you can save even more.  Bring your clean, lightly used baby items to them and they will sell it and you get a share of the sale.  I keep mine there as a store credit and shop with my store credit.  There have been times I have left there with bags of clothes for the kids and never had to open my wallet.

Got this Gymboree dress for $1.95
I make every effort not to pay full price for anything.  I only buy new clothes for the kids if it is on clearance at Kohls and if I have a 30% off coupon and there is Kohls cash available.  

Everyone knows that it is so fun to shop for little girl clothing.  It can get costly trying to dress up your little "doll".  By shopping consignment, I am able to fill my need to shop for Ella and not have to spend a fortune!

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  1. Plus they'll be getting even more use once she grows out of them :)


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