Whose project is this?

There is no denying it...I am a nerd.  I love reading books and doing school projects. When I see the assignment and rubric come home I get all excited and start mapping out the project in my head.  The problem is letting Sydney do some of her own project.  As she gets older, it is easier for me to let go and let her work on it herself.  The urge for perfection is still there though and I have to stop myself from "fixing" the project.

This picture is proof that she did (some of) it by herself!

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  1. I have this problem too! It's hard to just let go and let your kids do it how they want when you have so many ideas streaming through your brain. I think it is a great quality in the sense that you care so much about your children's work. :) Your daughter's snowman turned out darling!


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