I Hate the Girl Scouts!!!!!

OK, I don't hate the actual Girl Scouts.  I hate their cookies.  Ok, I don't hate their cookies.  I hate that I LOVE their cookies. 

I have been trying to lose some of the weight that I gained after my hysterectomy.  You can read about my surgery in this blog post.  I have been trying to cut out all of the sugary snacks and I have even cut down on my Snapple habit!  

At least the Snapples don't come knocking.  The Girl Scout cookies keep showing up at my front door!  How are you supposed to say no to the cute little girl scout standing out there in the cold with her cute little badges on?

Once the cookies are in the house it is all over.  I can't resist them!  When is the cookies selling season over?


  1. I ordered some at work but they don't come in til March! You can bring yours to mom + dads if you want to get rid of them :)

  2. The one thing we don't like in this house is GS cookies. I dealt with the bakery that made the cookies at the job I had when I used to work. They were kind of evil people - so we don't eat them.

    Every year Matt get's a call from our niece, "Uncle Matt do you want to buy cookies?" of course he does and he always orders 100 boxes. Good thing she doesn't call me. So now what to do with these cookies. John hands them out on the school bus, next door neighbors, my parents, church food pantry (they want real food - will take a few boxes). People get sick of them so I usually throw the last box or two away.

    So yeah, I hate GS Cookies. How old are the girls when they stop selling cookies?

  3. We don't support the Girl Scouts anymore as the organization supports Planned Parenthood :(.


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