Sunday Afternoons

Our family spends our Sunday mornings at church.  After church we usually hit the bagel shop for lunch.  The babies and Aaron head in for their nap after lunch.  That leaves Sydney and me.  

We enjoy our Sunday afternoons together with just the two of us.   Sydney loves board games so we usually end up playing a bunch together in the playroom while everyone else is sleeping.  It really is our only time alone together all week.

Sometimes we head out to the stores together and do some shopping.  Last week we worked on her snowman project and the week before we went ice skating.  You can read the whole ice skating story in this blog post.

I am going to cherish these moments because before you know it she will have her own things to do.  I am glad that I take pictures of these "not so exciting" moments because these are good times I want to remember!

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