My Mama Bear Came Out!

 Sydney was bullied for the first time a few days ago.  I know we are fortunate that it has taken 7 1/2 years for that happen.  When I found out about it, my mama bear came out!  

This bully girl sees a strong, confident 7 1/2 year old when she sees Sydney. She sees this Sydney:

Sydney with the mayor of Old Bridge

When I see Sydney, I still see my little baby girl.  I see this Sydney:

Sydney's First Birthday (May 2006)

So when I heard that a girl was bullying Sydney, I jumped in to Sydney's defense.  My mama bear came out, claws and gnashing of teeth!  It took everything in my power not to go and discipline this girl.  I was able to calm myself down and I analyzed the situation.  This little girl has a mom that is the adult version of a bully.  She is the same way.  When I looked at it from that perspective I couldn't blame the little girl for acting that way.

I wanted to talk to the girl's mother but I realized that would only make the situation worse for Sydney.  So she and I had a talk about it and decided it was best for Sydney to play with other kids for awhile and to try not to let this girl bother her.  I also reminded her that if she sees this girl teasing or bullying any other children that Sydney should be kind to the victim and show them love.

Luke 6:31
"Treat Others the same way you want them to treat you."

  I hope that since now Sydney knows what it feels like, that she will be more sensitive to others that are bullied.  I also hope that these hurt feelings will prevent her from being a bully herself.


  1. I luv sydneys baby pic! Great subject!! Didnt realize how close in age she is to maddy! Cool...

  2. It is so good to see a Blogger who is a Christian and who is not ashamed of it, my Grandfather was a Preacher for 6o yrs, God Bless You

  3. You chose exactly the best response. I applaud your restraint and the reasoning behind it.


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